LPG Gas Safety Certificates

DJS Plumbing and Heating Ltd has a team of experienced, qualified and well-trained engineers who are on the Gas Safe Register. We provide a LPG Gas Safety record when we complete a LPG gas safety check of your property(ies) LPG appliances. What information does the LPG Gas Safety certificate contain?

Our LPG gas safety check will cover

  • Name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the check
  • The address of the property at which the appliance and/or flue is installed
  • The name and address of the landlord (or his agent where appropriate)
  • Description and location of each appliance and/or flue checked
  • Date on which the appliance and/or flue was checked
  • Any defect identified and any action required or taken to fix it
  • Confirmation of the results of operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.

These checks include

  • Checking the flue or chimney to make sure the products of combustion (fumes) are being safely removed to outside.
  • Checking there is an adequate supply of fresh air so the gas burns properly.
  • Checking the appliance is burning the gas properly.

For a LPG gas safety check, essential safety checks are done to make sure LPG fittings and appliances are safe to use.

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